Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Describe how a project manager might achieve effective project Essay

Describe how a project manager might achieve effective project management Refer to project team issues considered in the lecture notes - Essay Example oject management, the most important factor to be considered is that all project managers are tasked to accomplish the goals and objectives of their projects. This paper would identify how a project manager could be successful in project management or, more specifically, in effectively completing a project. First, it is important to stress that a project manager is crucial in ensuring the success of a project in the sense that he orchestrates the multiple components and stakeholders involved. He or she must plan the project and at the same time oversee disparate groups, watch for cost overruns, mediate disputes, among other tasks that require balancing. In short, a project manager must deal with several issues including time, cost, people, equipment, resources, commitment and so forth all at the same time. An effective project manager could navigate these issues by systematically addressing them in planning, organizing, staffing the project and facilitating the work. Planning is one of the most important responsibilities of a project manager. If it is performed correctly, then the entire project could run smoothly to the point that it could even run itself. According to Turner (1992), project management is the endeavour in which human, material and financial resources are organized in a novel way so as to achieve unitary and beneficial change. In this context, the project manager’s skill in planning is underscored. According to Harold Kerzner (2009), the project manager, as the architect of the project plan, must provide: the complete definition of tasks, resource requirement of definitions; major timetable milestones; definition of end-item quality and reliability requirements and the basis for performance management. (p. 19) The rationale for such requirements is that, when met, they could result to the assurances that stakeholders involved understand their responsibilities and those problems that could arise from scheduling and the allocation of resources

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